Victoria Brennan

Victoria Brennan

Self-Esteem and Money Mindset coaching for frustrated business owners ready to make an impact in the world

It’s not your fault! You have the offer, the passion, the systems and processes but still money is not flowing. Or maybe it is but you still never seem to have any, or squirrel it away out of fear rather than investing in expansion.

Your money identity is setting the limits for all you can create in your business. This identity is your destiny so it’s time to dive more deeply into the one consistent part of your business - YOU

Lose the hold money has over you
and step confidently into your business.

Lose the hold money has over you and step confidently into your business.

I love helping ‘just getting by’ business owners to eradicate their money shame, increase their self-belief and transform their offers with passion and faith. ‘Just getting by’ means different things to different people but if you’re struggling to create the wealthy life you desire, are scared to invest in your business or find yourself surviving client to client then I can help.

If you’re in fear, lack or scarcity when it comes to money then I suspect you are also filled with doubt about how effective your business, service or you really are. Yes, money and self-esteem are deeply intertwined.

Working together in unison on your relationship with money and your relationship with self is truly transformative for your business, not to mention soothing for your soul and exciting for your life!

There are many ways we can work together and if you’re unsure where to start I would always recommend starting the conversation by booking a 15- minute chat with me below.

Option 1

Money Block
Breakthrough Call

£99 for a 60-minute call

In this 121 Power Hour; through coaching and visualization techniques Victoria will help you identify your subconscious money blocks and prescribe a unique action plan to support you to release these and take steps to start welcoming more abundance in your life.

Option 2

Esteem & Your Wealth


3 month payment plan available

This 12-week coaching programme incorporates 121 coaching, immersive teaching to change your habits and prosperity consciousness for good. So you can breakfree of the ‘not enough’ mentality that plagues you and start attracting more abundance into your life.


  • A new healthy relationship with money
  • To wire yourself for wealth
  • Increased self-belief and confidence
  • Support learning to receive
  • To quiet the inner critic
  • Quit imposter syndrome
  • Create unshakeable boundaries
  • Lose people pleasing patterns

Option 3

The Fulfilled Life Programme


5 Month payment plan available

Expect all the of the outcomes of Option 2 but with the added benefit of 6 additional coaching calls and ongoing support to help you;

  • Creating aligned offers
  • Improving visibility
  • Increasing impact
  • Attract more money
  • Lose the tension 
  • Create better relationships in business and life.
  • Create peace of mind for your business and life

What to expect from working with Victoria

Helping you create the wealthy life you desire is my mission. I have over 20 years of coaching and human behaviour experience. Combine this and my own transformational work, therapeutic certifications, knowledge, experience and some ancient wisdom and you have an inspirational guide, coach and cheerleader at your side.

I will enable you to transform your business and life by working 121 with you via Zoom. We’ll do chunky planning sessions, thought work and laser focused coaching sessions to clear the old patterns and welcome the new.

In choosing me as your coach you will also have access to me via WhatsApp between the sessions. This enables us to work through resistance and take positive action together in real time. I will also walk you through 30-days of habit change focused on transforming your relationship with money and self. By building your prosperity consciousness you will start learning to receive the abundance that you have always desired - but not been wired to block until now.

Whichever package you choose I will be there to help you create the life and business you desire.

My coaching experience with Victoria has been transformative.

"Over the last 12 weeks, Victoria has been my coach for personal and professional development. Her guidance has helped me to achieve significant progress towards my goals and develop new skills and strategies for success."

"Her insights and support have helped me to gain clarity, build confidence, and make meaningful progress in both my personal and professional life.

Working with Victoria over the last 12 weeks has been a valuable investment in my growth and development.

Her coaching style and expertise have helped me to over come obstacles, leverage my strengths, and achieve breakthrough results."

Evelyn O'Donaghue

Educator, Wellness Professional & Founder of Purisoul Wellbeing Agency

Victoria you do great work that is waaay more insightful and holistic than the 'money mindset norm.'

"Victoria ahhh golden advice one of my biggest revelations in 2023 was doing your course. A turning point for me was viewing my relationship with money, like a human realtionship. You gotta build love and trust with money to unlock the abundance and wealth that you deserve."

Tess Parker FRSA

Brand personality lit copy & strategy for female founders