ESTEEM & Your Money

Most people don’t see how high the cost of low self-esteem is

Most people don’t see
high the cost of
low self-esteem is


It’s time to stop surviving client to client and step into your power.

Your bank balance reflects what you think of yourself; the two go hand in hand

What the Money Mindset space forgets to tell us ....

Is that you can’t shift your money blocks through positive thought alone.  Now, I know that you love money mindset books and have devoured many but you’re still not quite breaking through with money in your business and life.

This is because the high vibes, affirmations and declarations to the universe ignore the undeniable truth that you cannot outperform your identity.  Now your brain takes this identity as law and does everything it can to keep you there.  So, if your identity is ‘I am not worthy of money’ then guess what?  Until we go deeper and rewrite your identity you will continue to repel money because you consider yourself unworthy.

Until you tackle your low levels of self-esteem & create a new identity aligned with your vision for business and life, you’re going to stay stuck in unhelpful patterns that you just don’t seem to be able to change..

I see too many giving up or settling for getting by when they are here for so much more.

Subconsciously blocking money while self-doubt grows

Introducing ESTEEM & Your Money

a strategic approach to raise your self-esteem &

bank balance together

You will...

So that you can create more money, confidence & the peace of mind that has been alluding you for so long.  6x focused 121 coaching sessions, access to the transformational Money Love Immersion Programme, 4x Intention and Reflection feedback points, resources plus access to me across the 60-day container.


60 days to lose the hold money has over you and increase your self-worth

What are you getting inside ESTEEM & Your Money?


Evolve your money relationship. Access to the 30-day Money Love Immersion programme so you can start understanding how you feel now about money and start taking daily action to change the habits that are ruling your bank balance.


95% of your actions are subconscious & you’re in the habit of negative self-talk, so every day you are making choices that build the walls to your confident wealthy life. The 121 coaching sessions will allow you to bypass the conscious mind and hold a mirror up to your levels of self-worth so you can start transforming the ways you choose, talk to yourself & see yourself.


Self-trust is integral to creating greater awareness in your day to day. Self-trust is diminished when we consistently go against ourselves. The 121 coaching will explore your levels of self-integrity & move you to start trusting your intuition. I will share resources between sessions to help you to start keeping your word to yourself.


Empowered expansion. No more apologising, no more undercharging or discounting. The 121 sessions and access to me in-between the sessions will see you soar, and the reason I have the additional contact around the edges is because this is your quest and we'll all meet challenges at different times, just rest assured I will be there when you meet yours.


Exclusive Toolkit. This powerful coaching container will help you to develop your unique toolkit of strategies and resources for any wobbles that may lay ahead. With confidence in what works for you so much more becomes possible.

Money Mastery

Imagine no longer surviving pay day to pay day, caught in the feast or famine cycle. Imagine being empowered enough to talk confidently about money or to put up your prices. This programme is designed to help you to lose the hold that money currently has over you and this is exactly what we will create together.


Is a 60- day 121 coaching program where you will:

Over two months you will receive access to workbooks and exercises pertinent to your individual needs and self-esteem growth. We start with an induction/planning coaching call to get focused.  You will then flow into the 30-day self-study programme with regular contact via WhatsApp from Victoria to help keep you in the content.  The other 121 coaching calls will be scheduled after the 30-day habit change activities because you will be a completely different person by then and have lots more answers to explore to help you reach your goals.

The coaching will be focused on your relationship with self working seamlessly alongside the Money Love Immersion process that of course looks at how your relationship with money too.

Esteem & Your Money


Limited Spaces Available

Free bonus with bookings by April 30th 2024!

Once you book your spot

Things will start shifting and Victoria will be in touch to arrange that all important first session.

Each week..

you will see growth.  Resources and/or exercises will be released for you to work through in your own time. With plenty of support from Victoria you can be sure that you are creating more possibilities for your business and/or life.

Each 121 session

Is about YOU!  Victoria prides herself on getting to the root of the identity standing in your way and using insightful techniques and holistic support to rewrite these old patterns so you can start creating so much more.

I will be working with you 1-2-1

You will have 1-2-1 contact with me through a reflection and intention setting tool  and WhatsApp this immersive mentoring will enable you to apply all the learning to your life.

The program includes: 4 reflection & intention setting exercises, so you can learn within the container how to intentionally move forward after our time together comes to an end.

This ensures this investment really is about results.  You won’t just see me a few times, I’m at your side, your companion and guide for the deep dive!

The Self-study part

During 30 0f the days we are together this will happen:

  • 30-daily activities will be delivered to your inbox
  • Recorded training & resources sent directly to you.
  • Each one encouraging you to delve deeply into your money relationship
  • Transforming the way you see money as you transform the way you see yourself
  • Additional trainings will be shared as you grow and flourish


Frequently Asked Questions

The results are all about your self-discovery, self-development, self-awareness and developing the tools you need to break your limiting beliefs and meet the goals you have set for yourself.
If you still have more questions please book a 15 minute ESTEEM discovery call:
Yes, we use Square to process payments and this should automatically give you the option to spread the investment over three payments with ClearPay. If this doesn’t show up for you, please just get in touch & we can tailor the right solution for you.
This is 121. We schedule the calls for when suits. The 30-day of activities will start on the second money we’re together.
Yes, absolutely I am making myself available for 15-minute calls to answer any questions you may have. Please follow the link on the left, thank you!
No need to worry, the activities will take between 10-30 minutes. Yes, you can have a day off, you can even have a few off. All that I ask is that you stay in the right sequence.
Yes, although all the 121 work will be with me. On the training resources and videos that come for the 30-day part you will get to meet fellow transformational coach. Gillian. We wrote the Money Love Immersion Programme together so you will get to hear another powerful voice helping you connect the dots between you self-esteem and bank balance.
I hear you! This program includes a blend of learning styles so that your growth is inevitable, the exercises are expansive, thought provoking and insightful.
Mindset alone is not the answer! We need to fo way deeper to change the change our subconscious pattens that are running the show. So buckle up because that is exactly what I will help you to do.
No, you are welcome regardless of your employment status. My background is in supporting entrepreneurs and people going through key transitions in their lives so if you’re feeling low and struggling with money slipping through your fingers I can help!

Suzanne Knight

“Victoria is amazing. She challenges you to look deeper & to truly understand yourself. She guides you to remove the blocks that are stopping you from being the person you want.”

Adrian Watson

“Through Victoria’s guidance & coaching I have unlocked potential in me that I never thought was possible. I have learned just how strong & capable I am. I have a much better sense of control over the path I choose to follow through my life & have been able to release the shackles of self-limitation”

Matt Appleby

"Victoria will challenge you and keep you on your toes in a professional yet nurturing way. I'm amazed at what Victoria has helped me to achieve."

‘Imagine life without the money worries and with the confidence to thrive

This coaching experience will move you to knowing your value and transforming your relationship with self and money too!

This is not another self-care course

This is about taking the deeper steps to first knowing and loving yourself.

Because when you do so much more becomes possible for your business and life.

Esteem & Your Money


Limited Spaces Available

Free bonus with bookings by April 30th 2024!

About Victoria

Hi I’m Victoria a personal development Coach passionate about the inner work. I believe we all have an incredible capacity to evolve but before we know it we’re taking coping as success and counting down to weekends and retirement, and this frightens me because it’s no one’s purpose to feel this way.

Following a successful career in charity and people development I set up my own coaching practice that has evolved with me over the past 4 years. After seeing so much in the personal development space about ‘doing’ and ‘chasing the dream’ I saw how this approach was taking us further from our true selves. I work with ways of being and I’m passionate about helping people to first know and love themselves.

A mum to two boys I love travel, nature, dog walking and of course personal development.

If you still have more questions please book a 15 minute ESTEEM discovery call:
If you have any questions...
…and you don’t want to book a discovery call, please fill in the form and I will get back to you as soon as I can

Esteem & Your Money


Limited Spaces Available

Free bonus with bookings by April 30th 2024!