Esteem Program

Ready for the confidence to get off the hamster wheel & live your life?

It’s time to know your worth and stand for yourself

It's not your fault that you just don't seem to make progress

The truth is...

You can’t outperform what you believe to be true of yourself & believe me, nothing is likely to change while your ego, habits & old stories continue running the show.

Until you tackle your subconscious patterns & low levels of self-esteem you’re simply going to create more of the same and stay stuck on that hamster wheel of life.

I see too many people putting up with getting by and…..

Believing life is happening to them.

Introducing ESTEEM a
strategic approach to silence
your inner critic

You will...

So that you can confidently, create the results in your life that you had given up on & stop settling for ‘getting by’.


90 days from people pleasing to standing in your own power

What are you getting inside ESTEEM?


95% of your actions are subconscious & if you’re in the habit of negative self-talk then every day you are making choices that build the walls to living a fulfilling life. This week allows you to bypass the conscious mind and holds a mirror up to your levels of self-worth so you can start transforming the ways you choose, talk to yourself & see yourself.


Other people’s opinions of you don’t matter but what does is the stories that you tell yourself every day. There is power in releasing the fears around judgment & identifying what has held you back. There is even more power in choosing who you need to be to create the results you desire; all covered in this second week.


Self-trust is integral to creating greater awareness in your day to day. Self-trust is diminished when we consistently go against ourselves. This week we will explore your levels of self-integrity & create self-trust through starting with your word to yourself. Expect many ‘aha’ moments as we move into the realms of that oh so famous inner critic.


You’re making progress, but letting go of old habits & starting to put yourself first is feeling hard . This week we will deep dive into your progress & explore where things are feeling sticky for you. Knowing & owning your worth is as much about knowing yourself as it is building new habits that clearly honour YOU.


Have you ever not met someone’s expectations simply because you didn’t know they existed? It hurts right? This week we will explore all things expectations, boundaries & assumptions. So, you can stop your overthinking, pattern interrupt the overdoing & start placing your attention on your worth.


Consistently holding the image of who you want to be will get you to your outcomes. This final session will explore the impact to date and provide practical insights into keeping you in the content so that your results just keep on rippling.


Is a 90- day group coaching program where you will:

Over three months you will receive access to workbooks and exercises that will shine a light on your blindspots, elevate your thinking & support you to start taking action. There are two live coaching calls each month where you can access coaching and support on these subjects. The Facebook community will also host additional lives and guest experts to help you start rewiring your brain and building that all important relationship with yourself.

The coaching will allow you to gain new perspectives on your thoughts, move you out of your current circumstances & support you to start making choices that serve your growth so you can get unstuck & start thriving.

The Esteem Program


Induction call Monday 5th June 7pm (GMT)

Registration closes Wednesday 31st May at midnight

Receive a bonus 1-2-1 call

When you book before midnight on Friday 26th May at 6pm GMT

Once you reserve your place..

you will have immediate access to resources and videos to get you started.  And, if you made the bonus deadline, I’ll be in touch to book your free 121 session.

Each week..

resources and/or exercises will be released for you to work through in your own time. With plenty of support in the group from Victoria you can be sure that lightbulbs will be going off from the start.

Each month..

there will be two live coaching calls (replays available) plus the opportunity for some individual coaching with Victoria, see below for details.

I will be working with you 1-2-1

You will have 1-2-1 contact with me through a reflection and intention setting tool that will enable you to apply all the learning to your life.

The program includes: 3 tailored, reflection & intention setting exercises, which include bespoke 121 feedback for you via WhatsApp voice note.

This ensures you are making the progress you desire & allows me to share insights & resources pertinent to your growth beyond the program.

Group Coaching Sessions:

  • All recordings available.
  • Recorded training & resources sent directly to your inbox weekly.
  • Exclusive Facebook group to connect & share
  • Opportunity to submit questions so you get to your answers even if you can’t be on a session live.
  • Commencing: Monday 3rd April
  • Finishing: Friday 30th June


All sessions will be recorded and I will go live in the group at different times each week to ensure maximum value for participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

The results are all about your self-discovery, self-development, self-awareness and developing the tools you need to break your limiting beliefs and meet the goals you have set for yourself.
If you still have more questions please book a 15 minute ESTEEM discovery call:
Yes, we use Square to process payments and this should automatically give you the option to spread the investment over three payments with ClearPay. If this doesn’t show up for you, please just get in touch & we can tailor the right solution for you.
The induction call is scheduled for 7pm on Monday 5th June. Live coaching calls we be scheduled on Wednesday evenings at 7pm (GMT) the dates & fun schedule will be confirmed in the first week. Please note that if you can’t be on a call live you can still submit a question and of course have access to the replays. Victoria will also be coaching in the Facebook group daily over Mon-Fri.
Yes, absolutely I am making myself available for 15-minute calls to answer any questions you may have. Please follow the link on the left, thank you!
No need to worry, I appreciate it’s not always possible however, you will still be in the content and still making the progress you desire. Replays of the calls are available and you can ask questions at any stage in the Facebook community. Remember you also have access to some 1-2-1 coaching through WhatsApp too.
Each week you will receive an exercise to help you increase your self-awareness. This exercise will take no more than an hour to complete. In addition, there will be lives happening in the group, again replays will be available if you can’t be there in the moment.

Commitment to the content is key in order to maximise the results from the program.
Hit the ‘register my interest’ button & answer a few questions. Why is this step in place? Victoria wants to ensure the program meets your needs, so she will be in touch.
Groups are powerful places to learn, what is most personal is often most general and the strength we draw, the comradery we gain from our peers supports our growth.

My role is to ensure the group runs smoothly, yes there will be group rules to observe and respect but with a maximum of 10 in the group this is really an opportunity to connect with some likeminded souls and start creating so much more for your business and life.
Victoria will host a welcome call (in addition to the coaching calls) to help you think about your vision for the program & familiarise yourself with the systems & processes.

Suzanne Knight

“Victoria is amazing. She challenges you to look deeper & to truly understand yourself. She guides you to remove the blocks that are stopping you from being the person you want.”

Adrian Watson

“Through Victoria’s guidance & coaching I have unlocked potential in me that I never thought was possible. I have learned just how strong & capable I am. I have a much better sense of control over the path I choose to follow through my life & have been able to release the shackles of self-limitation”

Matt Appleby

"Victoria will challenge you and keep you on your toes in a professional yet nurturing way. I'm amazed at what Victoria has helped me to achieve."

‘If I really loved myself would I be doing this?’

This course will move you to knowing your value and making the decisions that are right for you.

This is not another self-care course

This is about taking the deeper steps to first knowing and loving yourself.

Because when you do so much more becomes possible for your business and life.

The Esteem Program


Induction call Monday 5th June 7pm (GMT)

Registration closes Wednesday 31st May at midnight

Receive a bonus 1-2-1 call

When you book before midnight on Friday 26th May at 6pm GMT

About Victoria

Hi I’m Victoria a personal development Coach passionate about the inner work. I believe we all have an incredible capacity to evolve but before we know it we’re taking coping as success and counting down to weekends and retirement, and this frightens me because it’s no one’s purpose to feel this way.

Following a successful career in charity and people development I set up my own coaching practice that has evolved with me over the past 4 years. After seeing so much in the personal development space about ‘doing’ and ‘chasing the dream’ I saw how this approach was taking us further from our true selves. I work with ways of being and I’m passionate about helping people to first know and love themselves.

A mum to two boys I love travel, nature, dog walking and of course personal development.

If you still have more questions please book a 15 minute ESTEEM discovery call:
If you have any questions...
…and you don’t want to book a discovery call, please fill in the form and I will get back to you as soon as I can

The Esteem Program


Induction call Monday 5th June 7pm (GMT)

Registration closes Wednesday 31st May at midnight

Receive a bonus 1-2-1 call

When you book before midnight on Friday 26th May at 6pm GMT