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I’m Victoria and I am passionate about your ability to evolve and overcome the many barriers, curveballs and problems that fall to us all at various points in our lives and careers. I know that everyone has the capacity to flourish but understand that at times this can be difficult, we lose our focus, listen to our doubts and speak to ourselves in ways we would never speak to others. The next thing we know we’re getting by, going through the motions but not realising our worth, seeing our contributions, achieving our ambitions and investing in ourselves. Well if this sounds like you it really doesn’t have to feel this way!

I have been coaching my staff and teams for the last 15 years and along the way have undertaken training in motivational interviewing, counselling, management, mentoring and Coaching. I am an instinctive coach and as an empath I can quickly relate to and build rapport with the people I work with, putting them at ease and holding a space for their personal and professional development.

Victoria Brennan and her boys

My background is in charity management and leadership, I have two children, a dog, husband, extended family and mortgage so I know a thing or two about the pressures of life; and how important it is to find a rhythm that works for you, excites you and enables you to dust off those long forgotten goals, take action and reach them, with a sense of pride and most importantly a smile on your face!