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Or maybe you need someone to talk to hold the space and ask the questions that help you work out where you need to go and what you need to do. It’s lonely at the top and using coaching as a support and supervision tool can help you work out your priorities, tackle challenges and develop much greater self-awareness.

Workplace coaching helps staff teams to reduce stress and overwhelm, increase assertiveness and start functioning more effectively within the workplace. For leaders it provides the space to think, be challenged, prioritise and make things happen.

Step 1

Let’s have a conversation to see if coaching is really what you need. If you are looking to access coaching for members of your team then I can have a chat with them too, as it's important they feel comfortable working with me.

Step 2

Delivery of a confidential one to one session to build the relationship and trust. This session will explore the issues and concerns pertinent to that member of the team, they will set a goal that they wish to work on during the session. I will listen, question, challenge and reflect and in doing so increase their self-awareness of their opinions and behaviours. The session will then encourage them to become more solution focused and develop a plan that will enable them to address the barriers holding them back and take action towards reaching their goal. They will leave the session with increased confidence, self-esteem and awareness.

Step 3

Coaching is all about asking the questions that bring people to their answers. People need to be committed and a quick accountability call is a good way to check in and ensure they have implemented the changes and actions to meet their goals.

Step 4... 5... 6...

Coaching sessions can be repeated over an agreed period of time. A one-off session can be all you need but for many people, particularly those experiencing stress and overwhelm delivering sessions over 3 to 6 months can really empower them to increase performance, reach their goals and increase the impact of your business or service.


I tailor my packages to you and your team so you can be confident they are meeting your needs.

90 Minute Breakthrough

This one-off package works well through periods of change management. Perhaps you have new members of staff in your team or morale is low due to external pressures. In this session your employee can breakthrough on what is troubling them and preventing them from performing. The practical tools, plan and increased confidence and esteem that they will leave the session with will reduce their stress levels and empower them to make changes.

Discovery Package

These are tailored to your organisational needs and range from 3-6 months. This intensive package helps transform performance in teams, increase confidence and self-awareness through one to one sessions and accountability calls too. These packages work well when there is a lot of change happening in the workplace, when someone is highly stressed, feeling alone at the head of an organisation or returning to work after a long-term absence. After each session participants will leave with clarity and a plan of actions, empowering them to look to their strengths, build on their assets and start driving changes.

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