What would you tell your younger self?

👉What would you tell your younger self?

This is a popular question & one I have asked my audience before too.

But due to how much I have evolved it’s not something I would now change.

You see every twist & turn has led me here.

And here is good!

Yes, I have made plenty of mistakes, had my fair share of failures, curve ball challenges, trauma & been pretty blinkered at times too.

But it has led me here.

If I went back & told me in my early twenties that store cards need paying back yes I might not have developed a relationship with the collections team of GE capital bank 😂 but importantly I wouldn’t have experienced the fear & worry that I support people with now.

If I hadn’t experienced lack I would not have half the tools I do to shift someone from a lack & scarcity mindset.

If I had known back then the simplicity of mastering my thoughts I wouldn’t have experienced the fear of public speaking, the crippling self-doubt of comparison & the price of always being the dependable, capable employee.

And if I hadn’t known this I wouldn’t know how best to support my clients. How powerful their conditioning is, how their mind will trick them & cruelly see them addicted to the things they don’t want rather than what they do.

If I had known back then how much of myself I gave away in relationships then my deep dive into clients identity wouldn’t even touch the surface & my coaching would not be as impactful as it is.

👉Every twist & turn led me here.

Maybe there is one thing I would share with my teenage self. The words of one of my mentors I have met along the way..

‘Everything always has been, is now & will be OK’

Although, honestly I think I would have shunned those words when I was in my darkest spots.

But now I see it & now I know it….

Each of those experiences led me here & using this learning to help myself & others means everything is OK. 💫

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Vicky Brennan

I have been coaching staff and teams for the last 15 years. I've undertaken training in motivational interviewing, counselling, management, mentoring and Coaching.

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