Is it time
to take action?

I offer coaching sessions and packages, bespoke to your needs, that ask you the questions to get you to your answers.

The results are all about your self-discovery, self-development, self-awareness and developing the tools you need to break your limiting beliefs and meet the goals you have set for yourself. 

Step 1

Let’s talk. The first step is to arrange a conversation. This will last about 30 minutes and will enable us to work out what you would like support with. Most importantly though it will give you a chance to work out if I’m a good fit for you. This stage is free and following our conversation I can design a bespoke coaching package with the right tools that will get you to your answers.

Step 2

A coaching conversation which can be delivered face to face, via video call or on the telephone. I will listen, question, challenge, flip perspectives and reflect. The outcome of this session will provide you with the actions and tools that will mean you make those all-important changes and start to overcome the issues and barriers you identified were holding you back, causing stress and stopping you from living a fulfilling life.

Step 3

(If you need it) is an accountability check in, some people love them and some people hate them, so for the moment I will leave that with you.

Step 4

Hopefully your first ta-dah moment, you’re making the changes and starting to thrive.

Step 5... 6... 7...

You may work with me in one session or every month for a year, everyone is different and each package I deliver is tailored to your needs.


If you have had enough of getting by, self-sabotage, overwhelm and boxing yourself in then 1:2:1 coaching can help you to start thriving.

90 Minute Boost Session

This session focuses on empowering you to adopt a strengths-based approach, discover your assets, strengths, values and what brings you joy. Leave the session with strategies on how to celebrate these new discoveries and a plan for how you will continue shining long after the session has finished.

Discovery Package

This package works when your balance is really off kilter and juggling the different roles you have in life is exhausting you. We will work together over 3 sessions to discover your values, strengths and assets whilst empowering you to see things from different perspectives. Each individual session will focus on a goal and by the end of the sessions you will have increased confidence, self-awareness, clarity and the skills to take action and work out what is serving you well and what isn’t; but most importantly what makes you happy and how to look after yourself.

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